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The installation of your new Instant Hot Water Tap is as follows :

  • Ensure the tap is suitable for the location.

  • Ensure power and cold water supply are within reach of tap.

  • The tap should be connected to the cold water feed.

  • Usually, a shut off valve may be installed on the water supply.

  • Once water is connected then the electric supply should be plugged in or wired into socket/spur. Any issues in this area then you should consult a qualified electrician.

  • After the installation is complete run the cold water through the tap for 20 seconds. Then your tap is ready to deliver hot water on the hot side.

  • Then switch on power supply at the socket or spur.

  • The tap is ready for use.

  • The tap works in a similar way to an electric shower. The higher the flow the lower the temperature and the lower the flow the higher the temperature. Turn tap on slowly on the hot side and at a low flow to get the hot water coming through and adjust to your required setting.


For any issues or queries please email or call 087-6849965.

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