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  • Do taps only run hot water?
    Taps run both hot and cold water. The feed to the tap is cold water and you have an option similar to a mixer tap to turn it to hot (which engages the heating element and the water is heated) or turn it to cold (the heating element is not engaged and then the cold water just passes through the tap).
  • How much is the running cost of the tap?
    The running cost is 1 cent per minute while it is running on the hot side. In most cases it will cost less. The 1 cent is calculated at a rate of 20 cents per Kilowatt hour (20c/Kwh). The taps are a 3 Kilowatt unit. So 3 x 20 = 60 cents. Here are some of the approximate electrical tariffs. Energia: 13.98 cent per kWh (lowest). Therefore: 3 x 13.98 = 41.94 cents per hour 41.94/60 = 0.699 cent or €0.007 per minute. SSE Airtricity: 18.69 cent per kWh (highest). Therefore: 3 x 18.69 = 56.07 cents per hour 56.07/60 = 0.9345 cent or €0.009 per minute. Please note these do not include standing charge or any annual prepay charge so check with your provider, or click here for rates and charges. Please note that no electricity is used when running cold water, so no running cost!
  • What colours do taps come in?
    Normally white, silver, and chrome. But if anyone is looking for a particular colour, please contact us with details and we will see if we can help. We are rolling out some new colours in the coming months - they will be in black, red and gold. These will only be available in certain models.
  • Are the elements replaceable?
    Yes, elements are replaceable and also most parts are replaceable.
  • How much should the fitting cost?
    Fitting can cost anything from about €60 to €120 depending on what has to be done, such as what has to be removed and what has to be altered to accommodate the new tap.
  • Can I only buy from your website or are they in any shops?
    Currently we are working on a distribution network to have them available in most counties. But for now they are only available on our website!

This section will be updated with new questions as they arise, so if you have a question, please use our contact us page to send us a message! Thanks!

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